ðŸ‘ūWallet Open Beta

The Xucre Wallet Open Beta will be available in order to help get feedback from the community. By participating in the Open Beta you will help the developing team work out bugs.

If you want to join the open beta sign up list then please sign up via https://www.xucre.net/app-xucre-page

Any feedback should be collected via the support button on the application.

Xucre NFT Beta

In order to participate in the beta and become an early adopter, you can mint a Xucre Wallet Beta NFT by connecting the Xucre Wallet. The first 1000 users that install and execute a transaction will receive the Xucre Beta NFT exchangeable on OpenSea and other NFT exchanges, visible in your wallet.

For more information please refer to the XucreWallet Beta Terms and Agreements.

For the beta we will only support the Mnemonic Phrases in English. This is a limitation with the ETH Foundation

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