Where do I download the Application?

The Beta version of the application can be downloaded at https://www.xucre.net/app-xucre-page

How do I get crypto?

Right now, you need to already have crypto to use the wallet. However, once in the wallet you can connect to any swap or exchange and buy/sell/swap as desired.

We are working on a future release that will allow you to buy cryptos directly in the wallet.

What happens if I send to the wrong address?

There is little that we can do if you send crypto to the wrong address. The best thing you can do is hunt down how you got that address and go from there, one of the benefits of the block chain is that it's anonymous on chain. However, that doesn't mean you can't retrace your steps.

Just like we can't stop you from giving away a paper dollar to a shop and getting ripped off, we can't stop you from sending your crypto to the wrong person. There is nothing we can do to help.

Who has access to my wallet?

Only those who hold the private key have access to recover the funds in your wallet.

No one else can access your wallet after that, not even the Xucre team.

Who has access to view my transactions?

Everyone on the blockchain can see your wallet if they have your address.

What happens if I lose my phone?

We recommend that you save a copy of your mnemonic phrase. You can access your wallet from any other phone once you enter the phrase as the key.

Can Xucre or any of its partners access my wallet?

We do not have access to your wallet.

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